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"I've tried different, ORGANIC prenatal vitamins, which were expensive and made me feel sick!  Dr. Sarah’s Pronatal made me feel great! It made me feel so much better when it comes to nausea. Throughout the day I'm able to eat and do whatever I need to do. I recommend this product!"

"I have tried several prenatal vitamins over the past year since we have been trying to get/stay pregnant and I was either nauseous, really dizzy, had a metal taste in my mouth! Dr. Sarah’s Pronatal is the first prenatal vitamin that I did not experience this with! I feel great and more energized!"

"As a long practicing midwife who has seen pregnant women struggle with prenatal vitamin tablets, inadequate dietary protein, and pregnancy nausea, sometimes lasting well past the usual three months, I am excited by Dr. Sarah's powder supplement." says Patti Lee, CNM, from Reading, PA. "The vitamin and mineral content is complete and the addition of DHA and choline reflect current knowledge of fetal brain development. The easily utilized rice protein is lactose free and will make this product very appealing to my patients who are always looking for ways to add protein to their diets. Additionally, ginger root is my usual recommendation for treatment of pregnancy nausea, but swallowing capsules is often impossible when you are nauseous, so having ginger included in Dr. Sarah's ProNatal supplement is a great benefit. " 
-Patti Lee, CNM, from Reading, PA.